[Ali Ismail Karimi] (b.1989) is a Bahraini architect and founder of [Civil Architecture].

Ali is a graduate of the Master in Architecture (M.Arch I 2016) program from the [Harvard Graduate School of Design]. Ali earned a B.S. in Architecture (Highest Honors 2011) from the [Georgia Institute of Technology], as well as Minors in History, Architectural History, and a Certificate in Land Development.

Ali was the co-curator of the [Kuwait Pavilion] at the 2016 Venice Biennale with Hamed Bukhamseen. Ali has worked at [Office KGDVS] in Belgium and [Elemental] in Chile.

He has also conducted research on government-built housing in the GCC with the [Affordable Housing Institute] in Boston as a [Joint Center for Housing Studies Fellow]; and in Havana, Cuba with a grant from the [David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies].

His work has been featured in [San Rocco], [CLOG],[ArchDaily],[Wallpaper Magazine],at the [40 Kirkland Gallery] and the [GSD Platform Books].

Ali's [digital portfolio] and [resume] can be viewed online.